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I know why you’re here. Divider screens fulfill a very distinct purpose. Let me guess;

  1. It’s quarantine and you’re sick of your home not having a separate area to work
  2. It’s quarantine and you’re trying to figure out a way to hide the mess behind you on your work Zoom calls
  3. It’s quarantine and you want to WOW your colleagues with a cool backdrop on your work Zoom calls
  4. It’s quarantine and you’re at home ALL THE TIME and cannot stand what your home looks like anymore. You need to FrEsH it up
  5. You live with roommates and you need that privacy… especially during quarantine #AmIRite
  6. You live in a studio and you need to divide the space up
  7. Or you live in some gigantic loft space (lucky you) but it doesn’t have walls… you too need to break up the space

If none of these reasons were it — I’d be curious to know in the comments why you’re looking for a divider screen! I am genuinely intrigued.

Not too long ago, I shared on my IG some of the most beautiful screens I’ve ever seen. Like for real they are stunning. Check it out below;



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I want to expand on this idea. Like I mentioned in my post, a beautiful divider screen also acts as an artwork. It’s a fantastic way to add texture, color or pattern into a space – on top of the existing functionality of actually dividing a space! Example below;


*Shamelessly throwing in one my own designs in the mix.*

This Chicago industrial loft has an open kitchen right next to the living area so the room was risking feeling a bit cluttered. This screen really helped create a more intimate living space and also fill in the height of the airy loft! That’s another great thing with screens – a lot of times our furniture are all the same low level, so a screen just adds a bit more dimension and frames the space. Like a hug. Kind of.

Let’s get to the real deal – how hard is it to find an affordable yet beautiful divider screen? Is it just me or do most of what’s sold look overly oriental, or beach house style? Well, let me share my finds!

Affordable Divider Screens That Are Not Just Functional But Also Beautiful Pieces of Art

* longest headline ever – don’t mind me just trying to make the point extra clear here *

“Sundara Screen” from Burke Decor. Perfect for someone who loves rattan but doesn’t want a bohemian style. The black adds a great edge to this piece. I’m getting Ralph Lauren Home vibes from this for sure.

If you are looking for a more bohemian and natural aesthetic the “Ria Room Divider Screen” by Urban Outfitters is a great choice. Similar to the one above but instead all one natural color and featuring cane weaving.

This upholstered “Tiered Cecilia Screen” from West Elm is great for a number of reasons. The staggered arches give it a playful yet chic aesthetic. You can also customize the look because it comes in multiple fabrics! I’m showing a neutral one above but you can go for all kinds of patterns! And not only that, but the fabric gives it acoustic properties so it also works as a sound barrier. I think I may need this in my home office?!

The West Elm “Cecilia Screen” is the similar to the one above however the arches are not staggered but aligned. Here you can also see an example of one their patterned fabric options! I think I actually prefer this design cause the staggered arches feel a bit too trendy for me. These aligned arches read more classic in my opinion! But if you’re looking for a bit more of an edge, definitely the staggered is the way to go.

This looks very familiar to a classic Alvar Aalto screen BUT it’s actually from Urban Outfitters. So you can get that vintage look too! The slatted wood allows you create free-form curved divisions, and bend it whichever way you want! This is really unique and totally on par with the trend of curvy furniture today!

Okay this one is more pricey but hear me out. The “Marietta Room Screen” from France & Son is ALL BRASS and then it has this cool brass mesh. Obviously, the design isn’t ideal for creating a totally private space, but it’s perfect for mixing in texture and a little “wow factor”. I would normally consider a design like this very industrial but the brass and the panelling makes it look elegant.

Okay I’m slightly obsessed with this. If you’re not into the earlier arched fabric screens from West Elm, The Inside’s “Modern Screen” is a rectangular version and has literally HUNDREDS of fabric options. And I’m not talking any random fabric, but stunning *designer* options. The pricing is is super competitive considering the fabrics. And ALSO it’s made here in the US! I kind of want to swear out of amazement here but I won’t cause this is my third blog post ever so I don’t want to scare people off. But this is pretty insane. Definitely check it out.

“Anaise Cane Room Divider Screen” by Crate & Barrel.

I know this is another cane option but the design is actually quite interesting! Firstly, it looks super sturdy with the thick wood frame. Secondly it has these captivating slats at the bottom. I also appreciate that’s it’s one big cane sheet per panel rather than sectioned off pieces. That’s pretty impressive! The arched design, cane and black details definitely give it an air of Art Deco design.

I hope my design stalking has helped you in your screen divider search. If this was useful or if you know of any more options, I’d love to hear!

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*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.


December 11, 2020

The Best Divider Screens You’ll Ever Find

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